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Creative Testing Solutions (CTS) was created from a joint venture between Blood Systems Laboratories (BSL) in Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, TX, and Florida Blood Services (FBS) in Tampa, FL on January 1, 2010. All three Donor Testing Laboratories (DTL) are FDA registered facilities and also hold current certifications, licenses or accreditations for CLIA, AABB, and the States of California, Florida, New York and Maryland. In addition to donor specimen testing, the laboratories participate in clinical evaluation of reagents, test kits, and equipment.

CTS-DTL strives to provide the highest quality in testing and service. The laboratories maintain internal and Quality Control programs and participate voluntarily in external Quality Assurance programs. Blood specimens are processed utilizing state of the art technology with FDA licensed test kits and reagents.

All laboratories are equipped with multiple and redundant instruments required for routine processing. Additionally, each facility acts as a backup laboratory to the other two labs.

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Creative Testing Solutions is the largest independent blood donor testing nonprofit organization in the US with three laboratories located in Dallas, Phoenix and Tampa. All donor testing labs are AABB accredited, FDA registered, CLIA licensed and hold additional individual state licenses for California, Florida, Maryland and New York.

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