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Donor Testing

Creative Testing Solutions has three Donor Testing Laboratories (DTL). Our first established laboratory is in Tempe, Arizona, the second and third laboratories are located in Bedford, Texas and St. Petersburg, Florida. These locations are strategically positioned near major airports in Phoenix, Dallas and Tampa. All three DTL laboratories are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered facilities and hold current certifications for the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) as well as accreditation with the AABB, the New York State Department of Health, California and the State of Florida. In addition to donor specimen testing, the laboratories participate in clinical evaluation of reagents, test kits, and equipment.

CTS provides the highest quality in testing and service. The laboratories maintain internal Quality Control programs and participate voluntarily in external Quality Control programs. Blood specimens are processed utilizing state of the art technology with FDA licensed test kits and reagents.

Special Testing

Our Special Testing Laboratory in Phoenix performs confirmatory and supplemental testing of donor samples as well as non-donation testing such as donor re-entry, post exposure and donor follow-up. We also provide testing for eye banks, tissue banks and cord blood centers.

Component Quality Control

Our Component Quality Control laboratory in Phoenix provides blood component quality control testing. Residual White Blood Cell (rWBC) counts are performed on leukoreduced products. Factor VIII and Fibrinogen assays are performed on Cryoprecipitate and Plasma Products. Bacterial Detection is performed on apheresis platelets.

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Creative Testing Solutions is the largest independent blood donor testing nonprofit organization in the US with three laboratories located in Dallas, Phoenix and Tampa. All donor testing labs are AABB accredited, FDA registered, CLIA licensed and hold additional individual state licenses for California, Florida, Maryland and New York.

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