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Donor Testing

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Creative Testing Solutions owns and operates 5 high volume donor testing laboratories located in United States. Each CTS lab is strategically located near a major metropolitan airport: Charlotte, Dallas, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Tampa. All CTS labs are FDA registered and hold current certifications for the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) as well as accreditation with the AABB, EU and numerous state licenses.

CTS provides the highest quality blood donor testing services in the world. Each laboratory maintains internal quality control programs and participates voluntarily in external quality control programs. Blood specimens are processed utilizing state of the art technology with FDA licensed test kits and reagents.

In addition to donor specimen testing, CTS participate in the clinical evaluation of reagents, test kits, and equipment. See the Research and Development tab for more information on these services.

CTS owns and operates a special testing laboratory located in Phoenix. This lab performs confirmatory and supplemental testing on donor samples as well as non-donation testing such as donor re-entry, and donor follow-up. In addition, the Special Testing laboratory performs routine screening for eye, tissue and organ donors as well as pediatric stem cell collections and other donations with limited sample volume. CTS also performs testing on cord blood samples and other cellular therapy collections.