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CTS History

April 2020

Implementation of a COVID-19 Test

29 Apr, 2020 |
CTS Tampa lab implemented the Ortho Clinical Diagnostics VITROS® testing platform to perform COVID-19 blood donor screening testing, thus enabling our healthcare partners to identify COVID-19 positive units for the manufacturing of convalescent plasma to treat patients.

Pooled Babesia

20 Apr, 2020 |
Transitioned all 5 CTS labs from an investigational new drug (IND) to a licensed pooled Babesia test.
August 2019

CTS Business Continuity Plan

08 Aug, 2019 |
As a component of the CTS Business Continuity Plan, today all 6 labs began using the same laboratory information system.
January 2019

CTS implements licensesd Zika test

01 Jan, 2019 |
Transitioned all 6 CTS labs from an investigational new drug (IND) to a licensed Zika test, and announced plans to transition from individual to pooled Zika testing.
January 2018
CTS merges with the three Red Cross testing laboratories located in Charlotte, Portland and St. Louis, which all become CTS laboratories. CTS now operates six high volume laboratories located in Charlotte, Dallas, Phoenix, Portland, St. Louis and Tampa.
November 2017

Source plasma partners

17 Nov, 2017 |
By the end of 2017, CTS has secured three source plasma partners and continues to seek additional partners in the plasma industry in order to continue to diversify CTS’s revenue stream.

On-time test results

16 Nov, 2017 |
Continue to meet or exceed healthcare partners’ expectations by providing on-time test results approximately 92 percent of the time.
December 2016
In 2016, CTS tested more source plasma samples (4.9 million) than blood donor samples (4.5 million).
April 2016

Zika Testing

01 Apr, 2016 |
In April, CTS becomes the first blood donor testing organization in the US to implement Zika testing for a healthcare partner in Puerto Rico. By the end of November, CTS implements universal individual Zika testing on all blood donations in the US, due to an FDA requirement.
December 2015


01 Dec, 2015 |
In October, due to demand from existing healthcare partners, CTS began testing blood donors for antibody to Babesia microti under an Investigational New Drug exemption as a release test.
August 2015

Source Plasma Testing

01 Aug, 2015 |
In August CTS begins source plasma testing as a new line of business to one of the largest plasma fractionators in the industry.
January 2014

Operational Excellence

01 Jan, 2014 |
CTS embraces a company-wide operational excellence initiative designed to change the culture to enhance operations and the service CTS provides to its healthcare partners. As a result of this initiative, CTS teams significantly improved performance in reporting test results on time and increased efficiency by over 10 percent.
July 2013

Assay Conversion

01 Jul, 2013 |
In July, the six viral marker assay conversion at CTS Dallas, Phoenix and Tampa laboratories was achieved with minimal disruption and substantial cost saving to our healthcare partners.

Research Consortium

01 Jul, 2013 |
CTS Research Consortium was established to further CTS’s leadership in infectious disease research. This collaboration between Vitalant Research Institute, Carter BloodCare, OneBlood, ITxM, New York Blood Center and Bloodworks Northwest will provide a wealth of data for the development of future hypothesis-based research studies.
January 2012

Dengue Testing

01 Jan, 2012 |
CTS Tampa lab implements Dengue testing on behalf of a healthcare partner in an endemic area.
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