Creative Testing Solutions and Grifols Forge New Testing Partnership

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Industry veteran Nancy Haubert will head CTS's new plasma testing operations  

Creative Testing Solutions, the largest nonprofit blood testing organization in the U.S., today announced a new partnership with Grifols. On April 1, 2022, Creative Testing Solutions will assume responsibility for operations of Grifols’ three testing facilities in San Marcos, TX, Austin, TX, and Memphis, TN.

For more than 20 years, CTS and Grifols have collaborated, benefiting from the most advanced testing technologies and laboratory innovation. This newest alliance will promote the joint development of future-state laboratory technology and increase operational efficiencies in the coming years.

“We are excited about this expanded partnership with Grifols because it means we now have the honored privilege of ensuring the safety of approximately 22 million blood and plasma donations annually and the ability to rapidly reinforce our business continuity plan,” said CTS President & CEO Sally Caglioti.

The Grifols labs join the existing CTS laboratories in Phoenix, AZ, Dallas, TX, Tampa, FL, St. Louis, MO, and Charlotte, NC, to create an eight-laboratory network. Once combined, Creative Testing Solutions will be the largest nonprofit blood and plasma testing laboratory organization in the world, with over 100 healthcare partners. Industry veteran Nancy Haubert will lead the new plasma operations division of CTS as vice president of plasma testing operations.

The safety and availability of the nation’s blood supply remain CTS’s top priority. It remains committed to providing patients, hospitals, and blood donors with the high level of quality service they expect and deserve. CTS will remain an expert in donor testing and blood donation research.

“Building alliances with complementary industry leaders is one of the strategies to strengthen our position in the industry and pave the way for future growth,” said President & CEO Peter Allan of Biomat, USA. “We look forward to seeing where this partnership takes us.”

The harmonization of the eight laboratories will be a multiyear, phased approach to allow time to evaluate improvement opportunities, gather input from team members, develop plans and implement the new partnership. CTS will continue to be owned by the American Red Cross, Vitalant, and OneBlood, and the CTS Board of Directors will retain governance over the expanded organization.

About CTS

Since 2010, CTS has provided exceptional customized laboratory testing services to support our healthcare partners’ life-saving missions. CTS is responsible for testing more than 8 million blood donations annually, or more than 65 percent of the U.S. blood supply. Our vision is to create the standard for laboratory testing by providing innovative, customized service, visionary leadership, world-class quality, research support, and a dynamic team environment for our valued employees and clients.

About Grifols

Grifols is a global healthcare company that, since its founding in Barcelona in 1909, has enhanced the health and well-being of people around the world. As pioneers in plasma science, we are one of the largest plasma companies with a growing network of donation centers worldwide. We develop this plasma into essential medicines used to treat chronic, rare, and, at times, life-threatening conditions.


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